• 1. What is “HANH PHUC Hospital” App?

    HANH PHUC Hospital Mobile App with the domain name “HANHPHUC Hospital” is an healthcare mobile application which provides online medical services to customers. Developed by Hanh Phuc International Hospital, the application help to improve customer experience, enables customers and their family proactively using high quality services at Hanh Phuc.

  • 2. Who should use “HANH PHUC Hospital” app?

    Hanh Phuc Hospital App with features and content are developed to meet the needs of wide variety of user groups such as pregnant women, children, young adults and adolescents as well.

  • 3. Which features does “HANH PHUC Hospital” version 3.0.1 have?

    Hanh Phuc Hospital App version 3.0.1 has main features including: Book appointments and track medical report and schedules; Manage personal and family health records; Follow the news and health advice information etc.….as well as transactions and payments for products and services provided by Hanh Phuc through the application.

  • 4. What devices compatible with HANH PHUC Hospital app

    Hanh Phuc Hospital App runs on both Android and iOS mobile phone and tablet devices.

  • 1. Account sign up

    Users register for an account by entering their personal phone number and creating a password. Then the application will send OTP confirmation code via text to the registered phone number to activate the account.

    Step 1: Type your personal phone number
    Step 2:  Enter a strong password & tap “Sign up” button
    Step 3:  Enter 6 – digit PIN sent to the registered mobile phone number by Hanh Phuc system to active the account.
    After a successful authentication, you have completed sign up for account.

  • 2. Account sign in

    Account > Sign in > Enter the registered mobile phone number, password > Sign in 
    The app will ask you to provide some personal information and basic health conditions upon the first login.

  • 3. Common account problem


    Account > Sign in > Forgot password > Type the registered mobile phone > Continue > In the Account authentication screen, enter OTP code that sent to the registered mobile phone number by Hanh Phuc system> Confirm. On Change Password screen, enter new password to replace.


    Account > Settings > Change password > Enter the current password and enter the new password twice > Save Password.

  • 1. What is profile?

    Profile is the user’s account information including the required Information (Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Gender, Phone Number) and other supporting information to use in case of need. Required information must be entered enough and correct for the system to automatically update your medical history (if any) at Hanh Phuc.

  • 2. What is PRN?

    PRN is a code generated by Hanh Phuc for a customer who have came for medical examination and treatment. Each customer has only 01 unique code based on mandatory personal information and use it throughout the history of Hanh Phuc medical examination and treatment. For children, there will be an additional account (sub – account) with a separate PRN to keep track of the clinic or vaccination schedule at Hanh Phuc.

  • 3. What should I do if I don’t have PRN?

    Each patient, including children, have a separate account corresponding to a Patient Registration Number (PRN) to track their medical history. If you or your child does not have a PRN already, please call the hotline 1900 67 65 for assistance in making an appointment. When you visit for the first time, we will create a PRN for you.

  • 1. What is Health Dashboard?

    Health Dashboard include health profile of main account (who download and use mobile app on their smartphone) and sub-account (family members including Husband/ Wife, Parents, Children, …).

    Health record is a summary of information including medical examination and treatment history, health records, invoices and prescriptions that occurred at Hanh Phuc. This is an important section for customers to manage all of their information in the most convenient way as well as a basis for Hanh Phuc to connect, monitor and remind the most effective medical examination and treatment schedules.

  • 2. How to update my health dashboard?

    Step 1: Profile > “Edit” > Fill in your personal information
    Step 2: Health Dashboard > My health Dashboard > Basic Health Information > Touch each section to edit  > Select “Add” or “Edit” at general information, allergies information > Enter your information

  • 3. How to update my family health dashboard?

    Health Dashboard ? My Family’s Health dashboard > Select the sub account you want to edit > Touch each section to edit  > Select “Add” or “Edit”…

  • 1. What is “calculate due date” feature?

    This feature will appear on the application when you download the application. You can use this feature to determine your due date in order to track the baby’s development and mother’s health.

    There are two ways to calculate your due date:

    Option 1: Select optional calculation method > Your due date will be auto calculated

    Option 2: Enter directly based on information provided by your doctor during antenatal care

    After determining your due date, all information related to the health of you and baby, the growth of pregnancy, care and nutrition regime, etc. will be updated at the function “My Pregnancy” 

  • 2. How to check my pregnancy?

    The app includes details about the primary user’s health: blood type, weight, pregnancy status.

    With this feature, you can track fetal movements, number of kick meter, daily activity reminders and regular check-ups. Besides, you can proactively keep track of your health status your baby at any time. The application also provides articles related to your respective pregnancy and other health awearness articles for reference.

  • 3. What is birth plan?

    Birth plan is a feature including intensive questionnaire aimed at better understanding the mother’s need for birth, including habits, hobbies, etc. and a specific proposal for a successful, complete birth in Happiness, including a loved one. comparison room / operating room, pain relief techniques, umbilical cord storage,etc. Information will be transferred to the Customer Care Department to process and respond to the mother as soon as possible.

  • 1. What is “Fertility plan”?

     “Fertility plan” Is the expected fertility which based on the menstrual cycle and the duration of having sex.

  • 2. How can a non-pregnant woman use this app?

    Users can keep track of the menstrual cycle to calculate the best date for conception / contraception, and have updated articles related to conception / contraception for users to refer

  • 1. What is appointment booking feature?

    This is a feature that helps you to book an appointment to the system of Hanh Phuc International Hospital, allowing you to choose your specialist, doctor, and desired date and time.

  • 2. How to book an appointment?

    For new visit and check-up

    • Step 1: Choose the account you need to book appointment (main account or sub-account)
    • Step 2: Choose the type of appointment (new visit or check-up)
    • Step 3: Select the place (at 01 in 03 Hanh Phuc’s medical facility)
    • Step 4: Choose a specialty. Please refer to the pathology and need for medical examination and treatment mentioned at Point I.2
    • Step 5: Choose the time frame to be examined based on the Schedule of the Doctor you request or based on the Convenient Time of the user
    • Step 6: Click “Select date & time” to display available time slots
    • Step 7: The system will notify the successful appointment with the details of the appointment
    • Step 8: Check the appointment information carefully
    • Step 9: Regularly check Notification in the NOTIFICATION function to promptly update adjusted information if any.


    For vaccination appointment schedule

    • Step 1       : Choose the account to check and vaccinate (either main account or sub-account)
    • Step 2       : Select “Vaccination”
    • Step 3       : Select the place (at 01 of 03 places of Hanh Phuc)
    • Step 4       : Select the name of the vaccine to be injected. The list of vaccines is automatically selected and suggested by the system based on the age and gender of the person need to be vaccinated.
    • Step 5       : The system automatically collates with the stored number of vaccines. If the selected vaccine is out of stock, please press the end button. We will keep your information and contact to you as soon as the product is available.
    • Step 6       : If vaccines are available, continue to choose a time frame for exams and vaccinations based on the Schedule of your doctor required or on the user’s convenience time.
    • Step 7       : Select “Choose date & time” to show the available time slots.
    • Step 8       : The system will notify the successful appointment with the details of the appointment.
    • Step 9       : Check the information of the appointment carefully.
    • Step 10     : Regularly check notifications at the NOTIFICATION function to promptly update adjusted information (if any)

    In the case you want to change the time or doctor after making an appointment, touch the EDIT button and proceed to the next steps.

  • 1. What is the feature of appointment history viewing?

     “Appointment history viewing” is a feature that helps you find the history of past appointments at Hanh Phuc International Hospital & clinics with full details.

  • 2. How to view my appointments history ?

    From “Health Dashboard”, “My Health Dashboard” or “My Family’s Health Dashboard”, you can see your appointments history at Hanh Phuc.

  • 3. What can I see in the section of “Health report”?

    You can see your report, labs & radiology, prescription, invoice

  • 4. Why can’t I see all information of my examination results to the application?

    It takes at least a day for the results to sync to your application. Also, according to the privacy policy of medical records, we do not provide all information on your medical results for this application.

  • 5. Does the application allow me to input examination data from other Health facilities?

    You can update the vaccination doses completed in other facility by touching the name of the vaccine in the list of recommended vaccines, entering the date, month, and year of the injection. The application will assist you in tracking the vaccines that have not been injected more accurately.

  • 1. Reading news & health articles in Hanh Phuc Hospital App?

    In addition to information about service activities at medical facilities, HANH PHUC Hospital Mobile App also develops a category of News, Health Knowledge related to antenatal and gynecological care; Child development; Treatment of infertility; etc. The content is selected and compiled by experts and leading doctors in Hanh Phuc.

  • 2. How to use feature of reading news & health articles?

    Hospital’s latest news and notices will also be posted in homepage and in the Notification function. You can also read articles by categories in the News & health Category section.

  • You can find information of any Doctor at Hanh Phuc by:

    Method 1: Go to “Our Doctors” > In the search box, enter the name of the Doctor you are looking for

    Method 2: Go to “Tour Doctors” > Click the “Filter Search” icon > Select a specialty > Select the Doctor you want to search for or enter the name of the Doctor in the search box

  • 1. How to use Chat feature?

    This function is usually displayed (pop up) in the lower right corner of the screen. Click and start asking questions or share your opinions with us when needed

  • 2. How to call hotline/ emergency line?

    Please contact us in case you need advice, instructions (click the CALL button of the Call Center number) or in case of emergency (click the CALL button of the EMERGENCY NUMBER)

    Note: We recommend that you save your own Emergency number to call directly when needed to shorten the time instead of through this application.

  • 1. What is Send feedback feature?

    “Send feedback” is a feature of recording and evaluating the experience of customers when using the service at Hanh Phuc. Any comments, compliments or complaints, suggestions are very meaningful for us to continue to improve our service to bring the best customer experience.

    You can also evaluate your doctor after making an appointment through the app and seeing that doctor.

  • 2. How to send my feedback?

    There are 02 type of sending your feedback:

    • App rating: From 1-5 stars, from Very Dissatisfied (score 1) to Very Satisfied (score 5), to evaluate the experience of using this mobile application as well as the usefulness for you.
    • Rating of the medical service used: After Evaluating the Application, Select “CONTINUE” for a more detailed evaluation of the team of doctors, medical staff as well as each service, facility, etc.

  • 1. What is Shopping feature?

     “Shopping” feature help you to view and buy products/ services provided at Hanh Phuc including health care packages, birth packages, etc. or related ancillary services such as meals, utensils for mothers and babies. , etc.

  • 2. Why can’t I use the Shopping feature?

    This is a feature that is being finalized by Hanh Phuc and is expected to be available soon.